1/100 ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam

So here it is, my first painted gunpla. It took some time (frankly few years because of lack of the time, work etc) but finally it’s finished.

I have to say that the final result is looking nice, maybe it’s not a perfect paint job, some areas are not so well covered with paint, some scratches here and there but overall it’s ok.
Saviour was my “test subject” for learning modeling techniques and I have to say that it served well to this.Learned a lot of things and thanks to that experience my next gunpla build will avoid many errors and will be probably better finished.

As for the Saviour himself, I liked it’s design even since my first watch of Gundam Seed Destiny, nice color scheme and great design makes him one of my fav units from Cosmic Era universe. Now if only Bandai would make a MG ver. of it, that would be a nice surprise.

Anyway enjoy the photos and share you critics/opinions about this build.

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