I’m still alive and maybe will post new stuff in the upcoming days 😉


Back to business

It was almost two years ago that I stopped writing here new posts. Many things have changed since that time but my passion for anime,manga,video games and most important gundam universe and gunpla’s haven’t changed a bit. That’s why I decided to start posting here again.

Like you can see blog have new layout and banner. Few things have to be still completed (like “About” page…) but it’s not a big deal . The blog title “Project Otaku” was changed to “Paliodor’s Hobby Blog” . Frankly, I was thinking about some other title for this blog but for now I did not invent anything better. I also added “Completed Plamo” page where I will gather all my completed painted/unpainted models. It’s  divided into Macross kits, HG,1/100 and MG sections so everything will be good organized.

If it goes about new posts then I would like to make 2-3post per week and  hope that I’ll stick to this. Right now I’m working on my 1/100 Saviour Gundam and in this upcoming week I will make a post about my progress on this kit. An interesting fact may be that I started to work on it with breaks about 2 years ago. Progress on it is so slow because it will be my first full painted model,with probably few little modifications. I call this kit my “victim” for modelling experiments and for now everything is going according to plan.

So stay tuned for new stuff on this blog!

With regards,

Patrick aka Paliodor

3.2.1 blog restart! Ehm, not yet…

Need some more time for finishing my plans for this blog.  And then I will post some new stuff. I hope so…