DragonBall Z: Season one have arrived !


Yeah,  today I have finally got my package with  Dragonball Z.  It was one of my first anime series that I have watched and still I’m a big fan of it.  Some time ago I decided to buy DB Z but didn’t know if this anime is still available on DVD and when I was just browsing  DVD Pacific, I have found out that  that Funimation Ent. have released it on DVD. The decision whas quick (read: I bought it ASAP)  and so after almost 2 weeks of waiting my copy of first sesaon have arrived.

It’s first season so on DVD we have  episodes from 1 to 39 and they cover the whole Vegeta saga. Right now I’m a little busy but when I find some free time I watch few episodes and post some review of this edition ^^.


Gundam Unicorn OVA announced

unicorn_gundamRX-0 Unicorn Gundam from Unicorn novel

Yes that is true, just like the title says there will be Gundam Unicorn movie. It’s scheduled for 2010 year and for now that is all what we know about it.

To bad that it will not be a series but still it’s good to have at least a movie, I only hope that the story will be good because since now there are 5 vol. of the novel and it will be quite a challenge to  fit the story of it to the limited length of the movie.

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Gundam 00 Movie


Jupiter from ending of Gundam 00

In the epilogue of the last episode of Gundam 00, theatrical version of Gundam 00 have been confirmed. Release date of the movie is set for next year.

Ngee Khiong have some info about this movie:

We only know it’s going to feature Jupiter as one of background of the story, but that it will be on next year. Nothing much has being revealed, but many speculated that it’s going to be a crossover between Gundam Double O and Code Geass. I’m a bit skeptical of how that’s going to work, but I’ll wait for moreconfirmation before any going for or against it.

I’m very curious what we will see in this movie, I remember that in first season they showed flashback from the past , where spaceship was damaged and where some people have found this evil haro of Nena .

Maybe with time we will know more about this movie for now we can only speculate about it …