1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [Completed model]

Well, VF-25F is completed so it’s time for the gallery of the finished model. While making photos I was testing new backround and camera settings and I hope that the final result isn’t so bad.  But I have still a lot to learn if it goes about photography ^^


Fighter mode

Fighter mode with landing gear

Cockpit close up

Bottom of the fighter

Fighter mode7

Fighter mode3

Fighter mode

Fighter mode5

Fighter mode8

Fighter mode6

Gerwalk mode












Batroid mode


















It’s time to write my final thoughts about this plamo. Since now I only collected gundam kits especially those from MG scale and this VF-25F was my first non-gundam kit. I  have to say that it have beautiful design and  is looking good in all of the three modes. But as much as I like it I have to be honest with myself and have to say that it has a few things that I do not like.

First one are the hands, they are made like for some of the 1/100 gundam kits (3 Pairs of Hands, one open, one grasping and one flat palmed)  and if I pay 4,500¥ for a kit then I would like to have them made like for a MG kit…

Also decals provided with the kit aren’t the best, some of them  don’t cover the entire area  of the part what they should cover.  Overall decals for the VF-25 are looking   like we printed them ourselves on a colour copier. They really could done them better. Like all other decals for model kits , they are also quite fragile. That’s why the best would be to leave plamo in one mode since with every transformation the decals are little by little damaged by moving parts. You can of course apply top coat to protect them but still it’s quite risky that during trasformation something can be destroyed.

I was also having problems with stability of the Valkyrie in the gerwalk mode with the reached hands . It easily lose stability in this mode and I had to work  a bit  on the model so it could stand on his own legs. Maybe if the joints could be better then  probably plamo  would have no problems with stability in the gerwalk mode.

But the worst of thing is the problem with the gaps between shoulder plates, you can read about it at the end of the [WIP part2] .

These are the drawbacks that I spotted during construction of the plamo but despite these disadvantages I again have to say that I like this kit. For the price of this kit we get a plamo that can change into 3 modes and that’s a big plus. Also Bandai 1\72 series of plamos  is so far the only option to get a  model kit of Macross Frontier VF-25, the 1\60 DX Chogokin and 1\100 VF100’s are toys so they don’t count. Who knows maybe in the future Hasegawa will release a model of the  VF-25 fighter or gerwalk  but for now we  have to be happy from what have been released.

Overall  for 4500¥  I have expected to see a plamo that will be on the level of gundam MG kits and  instead of that we get a VF-25 that  have some elements on a level of  MG kit and some on the level of 1\100  kits… Just look at the latest MG Zaku ver. 2.0 or other new MG kits, they are almost perfect  and sometimes even cheaper then this Messiah Valkyrie. I know that I complain to much about this kit but it was released by Bandai, company that  knows how to made great looking kits and this time I’m a bit disappointed about some aspects of the kit…

So, this is a good model  (that will look even better after painting and the modification of certain parts) but it’s not without drawbacks…


7 Responses to 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [Completed model]

  1. AstrayP03 says:

    I don’t know much about macross…. but 4500¥? isn’t that a bit expensive?

  2. Uzumaki174 says:

    Nice. Man good job.
    The model made a positive impression on me. Since we talked about it was on my list of purchases.

  3. Paliodor says:

    @AstrayP03: Yes, it cost so much. But I bought my on Rainbow10 for 3600¥ and thanks to that I saved some money.
    And yes, I also think that it’s a little to expensive if you compare it to other plamos like for example MG kits.

    @Uzumaki174: Thanks mate. I appreciate that.

  4. gunstray says:

    Nice! Its too bad I can only buy stuff locally, and this guy hasn’t even arrived in canada, atleast I hope that there planning to…

  5. chubbybots says:

    Hmm you are one of the few guys that I see complete their Macross kits…you are right about the decals…bloody fragile!!

    As for photography, the photos look really great 😀

  6. B-Mecha says:

    Wow… nice VF-25 kit…. and nice panel line too! I never build a non gundam kit before, might consider macross frontier’s kit as my first.

    as for the photos, I think you need a brighter lights cos the photo look blueish. But the sharpness is really good, it allows me to see all your effort on the details 😀

  7. _Lynx says:

    Hello, I stumbled onto your blog and I’m curious what tools have you used for assemble of Messiah? I’m planning to get a VF-25 (Alto) and VF-27 somewhere in March, so I’d like to get the necessary tools beforehand.

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