1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [WIP part 2]

Main body

So here we are, the last   “WIP” post of the VF-25.  I’m still not so good if it goes about this part of the plamo review but with every post like this one I improves my skill if it goes about writting “WIP” posts ^^.

Main frame

Here are the parts for the front part of the main body.

Main frame2

Main frame3 In the left corner you can see the hatches for the landing gear. By the way, landing gear is still in the proces of painting so I will probably show it in the “Completed model” post…

Main frame4 The rest of the parts for the front body of the Valkyrie.

Main frame5

Main frame6Like you can see above, I have already painted the frame of the conopy with Tamiya acrylic black paint.  I have used Italeri synthetic round brush “000” , it’s good for painting very small parts and pilot figures.

Main frame7

Main frame8 This  part in the center of the pic is where the head will be added.

Main frame10

Main frame9 Last thing to do is to add pilot and conopy and the front part of the main body will be completed.

Wings There’s not so many parts for the wings and stabilizers.

Wings2Wing and stabilizer  assembled.

Almost complete Now I only need to add legs and arms and Valkyrie will be almost completed.

Main frame12 This is  the last part that have to be added.  It’s used also as a shield in batroid mode.

VF-25Things that need to be done are:  apply rest of the decals, paint the pilot and to improve some of the panel lines. I will not apply any top coat since when I will have airbrush and compressor I plan to paint it. The only thing that I don’t like about this kit is that some of the decals are quite hard to apply and not so good quality, also I have some problems with this parts:

Problemsince it not adheres perfectly to the rest of the fuselage.   I have learned from the Macross world forum that I’m not the only one who have this problem.

wm cheng (one of the members from this forum) said:

Unfortunately, nope, you did nothing wrong, its just a really poor fit and Bandai didn’t bother with any good pins or attachment mechanisms. Once you transform it a few times and the joints loosen up, you get the knack of tweaking the legs and upper thighs underneath a bit to get a better fit. You can play with it a bit to get all the shoulder plates to lie a bit more flat, and the gaps will even out a bit, but that IS the problematic area which we all have. I think their solution is the super packs that has an entirely new piece that covers it.

So then,  Bandai make so many great looking gunpla kits  and when it comes about Macross F plamos they made them like some 1/100 kits. It’s a shame, really Hasegawa should do those VF-25 from Macross Frontier and not Bandai. It’s better if they remain at gundam kits…

[Completed model] post coming soon…


3 Responses to 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [WIP part 2]

  1. Gunstray says:

    looking Beautiful. I have yet to understand how the feuslage could be a major problem for the model itself.

    Anyway Did you buy this locally or preordered?

  2. Paliodor says:

    @Gunstray : Thanks.
    I ordered it on Rainbow10, it’s great online shop with very good and attractive prices. I order my plamos only from them sincy in place where I live I can’t buy any gunpla and macross kits. The only option for me are online shops :/

  3. Rhyner says:

    Bought the armoured pack. Having trouble fixing it to fighter mode as the fuselage part is not an exact fit as well and is extremely difficult to align it to fit. But can praise Bandai for the attention to detail. Agree with you about the decals though.

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