1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [WIP part 1]


Well, this post should be called1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom: super slow wip XD . Lately I don’t have too much time to work on this plamo so my progress on it is very slow.  I can say that it is almost finished but still have few things  to do…


head unit

There is not much parts for the head. There was also sticker for the “eye” sensor but it was looking so ugly that I decided to paint this part with  Tamiya clear green.

head unit2Those parts that have been selected with red lines have been also painted because they should be in grey color.

head unit4

And that’s how the head is looking after assembling and painting. I have to say that maybe design of the head is quite simple but still it’s looking  very nice.  It was good decision to paint  the parts that require this. As a result, the final appearance looks a lot better than if I used stickers and left some of the parts unpainted.

Arms and hands

Arms unit

Arms unit2

Construction of the hand is a bit similar to that which occurs in the case of gundam models. Which is not surprising, after all it’s Bandai, and  it was to predict that some ideas when it comes to the design of individual modules and components that were used in the manufacture of gunpla kits will be also used in Macross Frontier models.

Arms unit3Front and back of the arm


Together with the model we obtain three pairs of hands. One pair  for valkyrie in figther mode (this  at the very bottom) and two pairs for use in the gerwalk and batroid mode.




I have to say that feets have been nicely detailed. They also have two functions,one very easy to guess as a feets and second as a exhaust nozzle.


Legs4Preview of the inner frame of the legs.


Legs6Legs are made very good, with nice details,  proportions and pretty good articulation. The bad things are white and red decals for the vertical stabilizer (fins), after applying the decals the black color of the parts passes the decals (photo below)  and because of that they don’t have ideal colors. That’s why I also have to paint this part of the vertical stabilizer.


There are also decals that don’t cover the entire part and they should do that, just look at the photo below:

Leg decalI will have to use black gundam marker to cover the white lines  around the decal.  Bandai should be ashamed for making such a bad decals…

Gun pod & assault knife

Gun pod

Gun pod2

This part of the gun pod that is selected  with red lines must be painted in red color, or if you do not want to paint it, you can use the decal for this part of the gun pod. I have used it but after few sec it have fall off so I decided to paint it…

Gun pod3

Like you can see, the gun pod have very simple design and it’s construction was very easy. It took me only few minutes to assembly it.

If it goes about assault knife, then well it’s looking just like all the normal knifes so nothing special about it.  You will probably notice that in some areas you will see paint, it’s becacuse I was testing if the paint that I have in my house would look good on it but the final effect wasn’t good so I removed the paint and will use silver gundam marker for the edge of the knife. It will probably look much better then the paint that I have used …

[WIP 2] coming soon…


4 Responses to 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [WIP part 1]

  1. Gunstray says:

    “The mechanism on the foot” Does the plastic feel fragile?

  2. robertzoone says:

    Nice. Good work. But this is not complete model 😀
    I wait for more pictures and information about him.

  3. GUNDAM GUY says:

    Good detail work there. Nice paint & panel line work…it really makes the kit look so detail.

  4. Paliodor says:

    Thank you all for your positive comments ^^
    @Gunstray: Plastic isn’t fragile so no worry, it does not break easily.

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