Yoko Kanno Collection Album Space Bio Charge is out now!


It’s a bit late but I would like to say that since last week you can buy, the newest Yoko Kanno album called “Space Bio Charge”. It’s a collection of  the greatest hits  from Seatbelts and Yoko Kanno, featuring the songs of “Cowboy Bebop,” “Macross Frontier,” “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex,” “The Vision of Escaflowne,” “Turn A Gundam,” “Macross Plus” and more on 3 CDs. Below you have the full song list from all 3 CDs:


01. Fly up in the air ~ Tension (eco. size)/ISRAEL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (MACROSS PLUS) [2:54.16]
02. Tank!(TV stretch)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP) [3:26.30]
03. Kouya no Heath/AKINO (Sousei no Aquarion) [5:34.27]
04. Turkey (eco. size)/Gabriela Robin (Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX) [5:34.58]
06. High Heel Runaway (DARKER THAN BLACK) [2:41.12]
07. Ask DNA (eco. size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [4:41.65]
08. could you bite the hand?/steve conte (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.) [3:38.10]
09. player (eco. size)/Origa with Heartsdales (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. S.S.S.) [5:34.48]
10. Power of the Light (eco. size) (Brain Powerd) [2:45.02]
11. Kagiri naki Tabiji / Aki Okui (∀GUNDAM) [4:59.63]
12. DANCE OF CURSE (eco. size) (THE VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE) [2:52.17]
13. Genesis of Aquarion/AKINO (Sousei no Aquarion) [3:13.13]
14. lithium flower/Scott Matthew (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [3:26.10]
15. shiro,long tail’s (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.2) [3:11.65]
16. inner universe (eco. size)/Origa (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:35.72]
17. Lion/May’n/Megumi Nakajima (Macross F) [5:03.32]
18. Chikyuu Kyoumei/Gabriela Robin (Arjuna into the another world) [2:02.03]
19. Rakuen~secret garden. (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.2 Secret Track) [5:25.23]


01. MOON (eco. size)/Gabriela Robin (Turn A Gundam Movie) [5:06.43]
02. high spirit (Sousei no Aquarion) [3:09.72]
03. Yakusoku wa Iranai (eco. size) /Maaya Sakamoto (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:02.32]
04. be human/Scott Matthew (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:05.38]
05. GET9 (hyper eco. size) /jill max (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [3:21.50]
06. THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING~Denki Rocket ni kimi o Tsurete~ [6:19.68] /Maaya Sakamoto feat. Steve conte (Rahxephon Single M2)
07. CORACAO SELVAGEM/Joyce (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.) [3:31.20]
08. Hamduche/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [1:53.53]
09. VOICES/Akino Arai (MACROSS PLUS O.S.T.) [3:49.50]
10. Cloe (eco. size)/Chinatsu Yamamoto (Arjuna into the another world) [3:01.56]
11. White Falcon (∀GUNDAM) [1:22.52]
12. THE REAL FOLK BLUES (save money size)/Mai Yamane (COWBOY BEBOP) [5:03.10]
13. I Do/Ilaria Graziano (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:54.61]
13. End title Nostalgina (Turn A Gundam Movie) [4:47.18]
14. Yubiwa (Single Ver.)/Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne) [3:48.15]
15. Toki no Kioku/SEIKA (Please save my Earth) [4:23.63]
16. BLUE/Mai Yamane (COWBOY BEBOP) [5:08.18]


01. Sasurai no Cowboy – Cowboy Bebop Theme/TADA ‘ED’ AOI (COWBOY BEBOP CD-BOX) [3:16.34]
02. Doggy Dog (hungry size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP) [2:51.59]
03. Neko no Kimochi (Demo Version)/Gabriela Robin (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:51.00]
04. Miwaku no Horse Riding/EHARA ANDY MASASHI (COWBOY BEBOP) [2:39.00]
05. WO QUI NON COIN/Aoi Tada (COWBOY BEBOP) [3:42.00]
06. No Money (more money size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [1:20.27]
07. WARATTETA/Gabriela Robin (Oban Star Racers) [4:45.53]
08. CAT’S DELICACY/Gabriela Robin (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:22.00]
09. AI Sentai Tachikoma/Tamagawa, Sakiko (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [1:06.37]
10. Ranka and Bobby’s SMS Chant/Ranka Lee with Bobby Margaux (Macross F) [1:00.44]
11. ABC Mouse Parade/Gabriela Robin (Song to fly) [5:09.01]
12. Yoake no Octave/Maaya Sakamoto (Maaya Sakamoto Single Collection + Nikopachi) [1:51.25]

I will probably buy this collection album since I’m a big fan of Yoko Kanno music.  And for about 41$  you get almost all the best songs that she have created.So if you are a fan of her works then “Space Bio Charge” would be a great addition to you collection especialy that you get 3CDs (48 tracks) for not so high price. I only have Macross Frontier, Ghost in the shell:S.A.C. and Lovers only (from vision of the Escaflowne) CDs so it’s very good option for me ^^ .

You can buy it on: Play-Asia


3 Responses to Yoko Kanno Collection Album Space Bio Charge is out now!

  1. Strato says:

    Mmmmh… There’s a lot of great songs missing, like, Flying Teapots or First Vision or Myung Theme or…

    Yoko Kanno composed so much astounding songs that a greatest hits would need at least 456,232,710 CDs, minimum.

    It’s definitely an artist whose body of work cannot be reduced to a greatest hits.

  2. Paliodor says:

    Yes, I have to agree with you but like you see it’s hard to create a compilation album and don’t miss some great songs.
    This is the art of choice. I can only hope that in the future we will see other compilation albums with her works ^^

  3. Shawn says:

    I agree with Stato. There are SOOOOO Many amazing songs they’d have to release a new compilation album every week just so we can have em all! But this is def a great collection. I’m always in awe with anything this brilliantly beautiful woman has to offer. I do as well hope there will be more.

    I hope to get a Yuki Kajiura compilation album next!

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