1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [Introduction]

Alto Valkyrie

Plamo info

Price: 4500 yen
Release date: September 2008
Scale: 1/72
Series: Macross Frontier

Box overwiew

Box size

Box size is almost the same as those from gundam plamos.

Alto Valkyrie back

Alto Valkyrie back 2

Presentation of all three modes of the Messiah Valkyrie:  fighter, gerwalk and battroid.

Alto Valkyrie back 3

Some  examples of the action poses

Alto Valkyrie

Box art of Alto Valkyrie is looking quite nice but personaly I would like to see something like those from Hasegawa Macross kits for example like this one^^

Instruction manual

Manual of this Macross kit is similar to those from gunpla kits.  So even if you do not know Japanese, you should not have problems with assembling of this model.

Instruction manual

Instruction manual 2

Instruction manual 3

Instruction manual 4

Transformation proces is looking quite easy on the photos but how it will be in reality we’ll  see. I still remember having problems with waverider mode of  MG Zeta Gundam 2.0…

Runners & decals


There are 13 frames of runners +decals

Runners 3

If it goes about the parts, then I have to say that they are very nice detailed. They have good proportions and are molded in proper color. Well, except of few parts that have to be either painted or  covered with stickers…

Runners 2

I’m thinking about painting window and sensor parts in some nice  clear blue. They would look  much better than  in the default clear color.


The kit came with 2 sets of decals, the sticker type (yeah, everybody loves them XD)  and water-slide decals.

1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom is my first plamo that I bought in this year. It will be also my first non-gunpla kit in my collection.  First I was thinking about buying 1/100 Astrea Type F but then about month ago, I started watching Macross Frontier and just had to have one of the Messiah Valkyrie kits.  I  was always a big fan of modern fighter planes (mainly U.S. machines because of their  awesome design) and this combination of plane which can transform into mobile suit and gerwalk  is  great idea.  I could choose from Alto, Ozma, Michael and Luca units and in the end  I chosen Alto’s Valkyrie since he is main male character in the series and  I also like the color scheme of his unit.

Next I will probably buy Armor pack and SMS action base for this kit, I know that Bandai released also Valkyrie with super pack   (1/72 VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom) but lately I don’t have much money to spend on the plamos and that’s why I will buy Super pack together with the S.M.S. action base some other time.

Well, enough for today, next post “work in progress” ^^


7 Responses to 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom [Introduction]

  1. Uzumaki174 says:

    Nice post man.
    I can not wait for a review when you give the finished model.

  2. Paliodor says:

    Thx Uzumaki, I think that at the end of the next week there will be “work in progress” post. I know that it’s a bit long but need to buy paint and brush and then I can start working on the kit…

  3. gunstray says:

    Good luck panel lining^^

  4. Paliodor says:

    @Gunstray: Thx, since about a week I’m working on my Valkyrie and have to sya that it’s great plamo.

  5. eyeshield30 says:

    Gud luck with the decals!
    So, will you buy the super pack or armored one?
    I hope they release the separate armored packs, the bundle is too…well…freaking expensive! XD

  6. Paliodor says:

    @eyeshield: I already added decals ^^
    If it goes about additional pack, then frankly I don’t know which one should I buy. Since some time I’m thinking about armored pack and that’s why I also hope that Bandai will release it
    separately since the bundle is also to expensive for me right now 😦
    For now I will leave it without any additional packs and will wait for some news about this armored pack ^^

  7. James says:

    What paints did you use?
    I have VF-25F Armored just arrived but the paint list is too confusing for me, can you help?
    Cant wait to get building!

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