DragonBall Z: Season one have arrived !


Yeah,  today I have finally got my package with  Dragonball Z.  It was one of my first anime series that I have watched and still I’m a big fan of it.  Some time ago I decided to buy DB Z but didn’t know if this anime is still available on DVD and when I was just browsing  DVD Pacific, I have found out that  that Funimation Ent. have released it on DVD. The decision whas quick (read: I bought it ASAP)  and so after almost 2 weeks of waiting my copy of first sesaon have arrived.

It’s first season so on DVD we have  episodes from 1 to 39 and they cover the whole Vegeta saga. Right now I’m a little busy but when I find some free time I watch few episodes and post some review of this edition ^^.


2 Responses to DragonBall Z: Season one have arrived !

  1. Jacques says:

    woot! Dragonball Z! Tey sure bring back lots of memories from my childhood. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll find them to watch them. Maybe for a starter, you can try to catch one episode per day.

  2. Paliodor says:

    @ Jacques: When I opened package and saw DVD box with DB Z memories from childhood come back. It was very nice feeling to see again after such a long time this anime.
    I decided that I will watch 3 episodes per day, ofc if I will have enough of time ^^ .

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