Gundam 00 Movie


Jupiter from ending of Gundam 00

In the epilogue of the last episode of Gundam 00, theatrical version of Gundam 00 have been confirmed. Release date of the movie is set for next year.

Ngee Khiong have some info about this movie:

We only know it’s going to feature Jupiter as one of background of the story, but that it will be on next year. Nothing much has being revealed, but many speculated that it’s going to be a crossover between Gundam Double O and Code Geass. I’m a bit skeptical of how that’s going to work, but I’ll wait for moreconfirmation before any going for or against it.

I’m very curious what we will see in this movie, I remember that in first season they showed flashback from the past , where spaceship was damaged and where some people have found this evil haro of Nena .

Maybe with time we will know more about this movie for now we can only speculate about it …


12 Responses to Gundam 00 Movie

  1. gordon says:

    a gundam 00 movie movie next year. so what happened to the gundam seed movie!? stillborn? O_o

    anyway the last gundam movie was Gundam F91 in 1991. has been a while.

  2. Paliodor says:

    Yes it was quite a long time since the last Gundam movie. And yeah where is Seed movie, it should be released in this year if I good remember…

  3. i really want to know more about this as they get stuff updated! they are being really tight lipped about it….

    As for the whole Gundam SEED movie, it was put on hold when the writer’s cancer problem become public knowledge. it’s in limbo right now.

  4. Paliodor says:

    @ allelujah fan: Yes, I also want to know more about this Gundam 00 movie but probably we will have to wait a bit for some new info about it. Anyway I will search web for any news related with this movie ^^

  5. Fox says:

    There is no way it’s going to be crossed with Code Geass. Those two are not set in anywhere near the same timeline. That’s absolutely rediculous speculation.

  6. TAG says:

    The last Gundam movie was Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.
    I hope they reveal more about the purple Haro, origins of Celestial Being, and more on the construction of Solar Furnaces.
    I definitely don’t want to see 00 crossed with any other anime. Its story is good enough as it is.

  7. Shugo says:

    Code Geass was a joke. It was pretty much the same thing as Gundam Seed with minor changes. I mean I couldn’t help but notice that all of the characters and their designs were almost completely ripped from Seed.

  8. lulu says:

    hey shugo, as a person who loved both code geass and gundam series, i dont think code geas and gundam seed are anything alike besides the fact that they both use giant robots as a disposable military weapon. personally, i dont think their characters and their designs are alike besides the colors of the suit. example: guren and justice?

  9. georgebanana says:

    we’ll see about what happens in the movie with jupiter in it. if you think about it the solar furnaces for the gundams were made and can only be made in jupiter. something special in jupiter if you think.

  10. darkmagnum91 says:

    i can’t wait when 00 the movie out…..

  11. fizzco says:

    I thought the last movie was the Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta trilogy remastered, with updated scenes. u guys are outdated. lol. Its nice that they remade a classic and kamile didnt go bonkers in the end. I hope gundam 00 seals the “dialog” arc soon.

  12. V says:

    Lol, Code Geass X Gundam 00 would be awesome. I’d like to see it in the future however…


    As and Allelujah fan, I hope he’s in in more. I’d be happy if Marie like, died or something. She ruined him.

    My favorite character is Tieria. Please don’t let him be a freaking hologram. That would just be lame.


    And Shugo,
    Code Geass and Gundam SEED aren’t alike. Unless There is something like C’s World in Gundam SEED.

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