Gunpla news: 1/100 Seravee new pics and decals for Gundam 00 second season kits

1/100 Seravee & Seraphim

Release date: March 2009

Price: 3600 ¥


Seraphim design is very… interesting,especially chest unit is quite unique since it’s looking like a big gundam head . I would never make something like that if I would be a gundam designer XD .  But It’s black and it’s good since it’s my fav. color ^^


Decals for gunpla from second season Gundam 00

Release date: March 2009

Price: 420 ¥ each


Arios & Cherudim have really nice designed decals,  especially those for Cherudim shield bits and Arios GN Beam Shield (the parts equipped on both of Arios’s shoulders). Will probably get them when I order those gunplas .

Source of the pics: Toysdaily


6 Responses to Gunpla news: 1/100 Seravee new pics and decals for Gundam 00 second season kits

  1. vixion says:

    i quess i’m gonna get seraphim 1/144 😀 more thin 😀

  2. Paliodor says:

    I’m more into 1/100 so probably will get this version, but first Cherudim,Arios & 00Raiser ^^

  3. Sabre says:

    Just bought the Gundam 00 Raiser special box set. It’s very nifty! In the process of building it and its really cool to also get the special Celestial Being display stand.

    Building the Raiser 1st since it seems pretty simple to build together. Plus I haven’t bought the batteries to go with the LED

  4. Paliodor says:

    @Sabre: This special CB display stand is very nice and yes Raiser is very simple to build, I saw the amount of parts on review and it can be build very fast ^^ .
    I’m still thinking about buying 00Raiser maybe in next or in two months I will get this gunpla ^^

  5. Sabre says:

    Waiting for the Seravee in 1/100. I really like the Seraphim attached to the Seravee. Next I’m thinking of getting Sinanju and the Shin Musha. My problem with MGs is that they take 4ever to put together.

    Sigh….Cherudim n Arios…… I will also need to buy… when will it end

    Any ideas if the MG of the OO series are coming out anytime soon?

  6. Paliodor says:

    @Saber: I would also like to buy MG Sinanju because it have awesome design and it would be nice to put it together with my MG Unicorn ^^. But the price is quite high and it would be deadly for my wallet. I will buy it when the rate of yen will be lower.

    If it goes about MG from 00Gundam then I think that first MG will be Exia but for now there are no news about that. I only hope that it will be released in this year…

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