Gunpla news: 1/100 Seravee/Seraphim Gundam

Release date:March 2009

Scale: 1/100

Price: 3600 ¥



With Seravee we  finally will have released all four gundams from second season of Gundam 00 in 1/100 scale . But since I’m not a big fan of this m.s. so I don’t think that I will buy it very soon.  Still have to get Arios, 00 Raiser and Cherudim, priority list is very important^^

Source of the pics: Moeyo


7 Responses to Gunpla news: 1/100 Seravee/Seraphim Gundam

  1. Aeon says:

    The thing is, Seravee is my most favourite gundam from 00 so far XD

  2. Gunstray says:

    There are only two 1/100 00gundams in my list,00raiser and arios. Btw hand holes are very visible, and no waist joint for both I think. Not worth my money -_-

  3. Leo says:

    waiting for seravee, i had already got cherudim and arios, after getting seravee i will get 00 raiser+00gundam and complete my celestial being set

  4. Paliodor says:

    I think that I also buy all m.s. from second season since they have really nice design.

  5. Daniel says:

    Just got my 1:100 Seravee….my set is complete =)

  6. Paliodor says:

    @Daniel: Congratz on completing your set 🙂 .
    I think that my next buy option will be Astrea type F ^^

  7. Daniel says:

    My set might not be “Complete” just yet as they might release O Gundam 1:100….provided they release the grey version instead the ‘RX78-2’ colours…

    I got a Astrea, won’t be getting Type F as both also same…but both are nice kits to have…

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