1/100 Dynames Gundam [wip]

Gunpla is made oob (out of box),  I didn’t paint the whole model since I don’t have airbrush. Only few parts have been painted with silver gundam marker. This w.i.p. isn’t maybe like you can see on other blogs/sites but I hope that with next gunplas it will be better made.

Like you see below some photos are not so good, I’m sorry but it was my first attempt to make w.i.p. photos and since I’m completly noob if it goes about photography then some of them are good and other quite bad. I also need to buy some lamps so that I could make brighter photos. I hope that photos of completed model  will be looking a lot better…

Body unit:

body-unit parts

body-unit completed

It is possible to lodge these single yellow  antennas.

body-unit completed

Head unit:

head-unit parts


Unit head antenna  can slide to replicate sniper mode, showed onphoto below.


Because the area around the  centre of targeting sensor have been yellow then I painted it with silver  gundam marker, it’s not airbrush but still it is looking better then when it was assembly out of the box.

Arm and shoulder unit:



Arm unit have quite good articulation.  It’s is in my opinion even better then in MG hyaku shiki and that I also have. It’s maybe not the level of 2.0 MG kits but still it’s very good.

Waist unit:

waist-unit parts



Leg unit:




Like you can see articulation of leg unit is also  impresive. Additional when Dynames stands on his legs, they provide good  stability. And you can put this gunpla in almost every pose without fear that it will lose stability.




Weapons, additional hand and two containers for GN Pistols.




One of the simplest things to do is GN Shield parts. Construction is very simple but the final result when you add them to the Dynames shoulders is excellent. Those grey parts on GN Shield parts are stickers, yeah I know that suck but when I added them the resoult wasn’t bad so I have left them there XD

So it’s the end of this w.i.p. I know that it’s nothing special but I’m not a good writter, maybe next one will have more info about what I’m doing when I assembly my gunplas 😉

If you are looking for some help how to assembly gunplas then I recommend that you visit those links: Fudoushin FichtenFoo there are in my opinion one of the simplest and the best tutorials how to assembly gunpla, I use them also so they can be useful also for you 🙂 .

3) Completed model gallery coming soon…



7 Responses to 1/100 Dynames Gundam [wip]

  1. Gunstray says:

    Cant wait the full gallery.One thing that drives me to not get this Gundam, is because I cant stand the fugly @$$ thrusters-_-;

  2. Paliodor says:

    Thrusters are indeed the worst part of the Dynames but overall this m.s. have a nice design. Especially I very like his GN Full Shield ^^

  3. AstrayP03 says:

    cm’on…the thrusters may be ugly but overall, this kit looks great!
    btw… paliodor… ur dynames head looks better than what i saw on display…

  4. Paliodor says:

    Overall Dynames is great that’s true but thrusters could be made a bit better 😉 . Anyway why you think that head of my Dynames is looking better then this from the display 😀 ?

  5. AstrayP03 says:

    i dunno… maybe cus d one on display was kinda messy…lol…
    what i meant was those in shopping centres… not those in hobby shops…

  6. Jacques says:

    I agree that gunplas of late has improved tremendously, especially on Gundam 00 kits seen in recent times. Recent High Grades now have features/articulations that were only available & capable in MG lines.

    Glad to see that Bandai is constantly trying to improve despite occasionally releasing one kit in different variations/forms, but I guess they have to get their revenue from somewhere to fund the R&D. 🙂

  7. Paliodor says:

    I agree with you Jacques if it goes about improved level of latest kits. I only hope that it will also apply for kits from upcoming series and not only Gundam 00.

    Btw. I sometimes visit your great blog but still have not added you to my links. But no it is fixed ^^

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