Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)

Alicia and Welkin

Love is in the air ^^

At last I have decided to buy this game. I have read many positive opinions about it and wanted to buy it but the price for it in Poland was quite hight and then in last week when I was browsing Allegro ( it’s Polish equivalent of Ebay) I found this game for a low price^^ . And since  last Tuesday I’m a happy owner of this game.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria ChroniclesSome game info from Wikipedia:

The game is set in a fictional version of Europe in 1935, in the country of Gallia. Because of its abundance of ragnite ore, which can be refined into a powerful fuel, it has come under attack from the East European Imperial Alliance, which is engaged in a war with the Atlantic Federation.Players take control of an uprising of Gallian nationals, dedicated to repelling the invasion. The game’s visuals, which feature SEGA’s CANVAS graphics engine, have received a lot of attention – with CANVAS, the game’s entire graphical style is built to resemble a watercolor painting in motion.

Info about few main characters:

Welkin Gunther

Welkin A twenty-two year old university student before the    Imperial invasion, Welkin’s intelligence and  determination earned him the commanding position over Gallia’s Squad 7 after he was drafted. His university major, Animal Sociology, gives him an extensive knowledge of Gallia’s native flora and fauna and serves as a basis for his military strategies.

Alicia Melchiott

Alicia Plays opposite Welkin as the game’s heroine. A young nineteen year old who wishes to be a successful baker, Alicia became a soldier after being swept up in the chaos of the Imperial invasion of Gallia. Righteous and reliable, Alicia loves helping others.

Isara Guntcher


Welkin’s sixteen-year-old sister who cares greatly for her comrades. The two are not siblings by birth, as she was taken in by the Gunthers at a young age; however, Isara is extremely devoted to her brother. She drives and maintains the unique tank Edelweiss that her father designed in the First Europan War but was too expensive to mass-produce. The shawl she wears signifies that she is a member of the Darcsens (“Daruks” in the Japanese version,) a race of people persecuted for their ancestors’ role in the near destruction of the continent in the distant past.called the “Darcens/Daruks Calamity”.

Eleanor Varrot

Eleanor Varrot A cool and collected woman, Eleanor is the captain of Gallia’s Volunteer Corps and Welkin’s direct superior. She is a veteran of the First War and served alongside Largo. Eleanor has a deep understanding of Squad 7’s workings, and makes sure to keep the unit together and in working order. unlike the Officers in the main army she always cares for her battalion

Largo Potter

Largo Potter A gruff, thirty-six year old veteran of the First Europan War and Squad 7’s main anti-tank soldier. His experience is invaluable and his spirit is indomitable. He served in the same unit with Eleanor Varrot and has stayed in the army ever since the First War

Brigitte Stark

Brigitte rosie Stark

Twenty-seven years old, Brigitte was formerly a bar singer who used the stage name “Rosie” and now prefers to be called as such. As a part of the core members of Squad 7, she acts as its signature assault soldier. Though she may seem overbearing at times, she is a capable front-line commander whose tough talk motivates others during battle. Her prejudice against the Darcsen people puts her at odds with Isara and Zaka, though she eventually grows to overcome this prejudice.

If you like to know info about the rest of the characters that show up in the game visit Official US site of the game .

Till now I have played about 6h . Game consist from 18 chapters and  I’m in the 5 chapter  of the game so still a lot of playing is before me ^^.

On the battlefieldOn the battlefield

Valkyria Chronicles  is really great mix of strategy and jrpg, battle’s are not easy but also not awfully hard and the enemy AI  sometimes  makes foolish moves but overall it’s behaves correctly . If it goes about music and all battle sounds then they are also very good,  in this place I can say that soundtrack from the Valkyria Chronicles have won in the category: The best oryginal soundtrack 2008  on GameSpy .


Members of the  Squad 7.

From left to right: Rosie , Welkin, Alicia, Isara

But the best thing about this game is the graphic, Canvas graphic engine provide beautifull visuals that you saw nowhere else. All characters  are looking great and from the beginning you will like them all, especially Alicia and Welkin.  Thanks to Canvas engine, this  game have won many awards for the best graphic in the 2008. When I watch cut-scenes from this game I feel like I’m watching some good anime or other animated movie instead of a game^^.


Squad 7 ready for the next mision

When you are owner of the Playstation 3 and you are looking for some good strategy and jrpg game then I highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles, it’s one of the best games that have been released in the last year and you will be satisfied as well as surprised from how much time game have to offer.

My score

Audio: 9

Video: 9

Gameplay: 8,5

Finall score: 9

Source of the screenshoot’s: GameSpot , IGN, Valkyria Chronicles Official US site


4 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)

  1. Ray and Melissa (& Celeste) says:

    Valkyria Chronicles is a visually incredible piece of work. Recently it was voted as 2008’s runner up for Best Art by Kotakus Game of the Year Awards (falling just behind Metal Gear Solid 4). Just a note though…I’m a big time gamer and I know what it’s like to not be able to get a game because the price is too high. Come visit my blog ( if you want to get Unlimited PS3 Games for a one time fee.
    Happy Gaming! Great Post.

  2. Paliodor says:

    Thank you for you post,
    I visit sometimes Kotaku but didn’t know about those awards, I propably missed it but anyway it’s good to hear that it has occupied so high place.This game deserves it ^^

  3. Gunstray says:

    THNX Paliador for adding me on your links. Also Valkyria chronicles is one of the few games on my to buy list.(No luck finding it in BC though)

  4. Paliodor says:

    No problem, you have interesting blog .
    And yes, you should play VC it’s very good game ^^

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