Anime:Second ending theme of the Gundam 00 s2


Episode 15 of Gundam 00 is over and with that we could at last see the new ending theme. Title of the song that have been used in it  is ,,Trust you” and is performed by Yuna Ito, pic of her is below^^ :


From all openings and endings from Gundam 00 this one is in my opinion one the best. Both if it goes about  animation used in it and the song that is played in the backround. It was great idea with those damaged/wrecked mecha in a peaceful setting, that is in my opinion ideal for the ending theme for  the Gundam series.

If you watch this ending  closely you will see that probably Saji and Luise will have a happy ending and that Lockon Stratos and Anew will become a couple ^^ . There is one thing that I also like very much about this ending, it’s the last scene where damaged  00 Gundam  kneel in the space, surrounded by the flowers and with the earth as the backround. Pic of this scene is in the top of this post. They made it brilliant and will need to make a wallpaper with that scene for my deskop ^^.

And here is this ending theme:

With ,,Trust you” we have all opening and ending themes revealed and with that  I can finally make a little ranking of my fav. songs that have been used in them, so here we go:

1. Ash like snow by The Brilliant Green

2. Prototype by Chiaki Ishikawa

3. Trust you by Yuna Ito

4. Friends by Stephanie

5.  Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi by UVERworld

6. Namida no Mukou by Stereopony

7. Daysbreak’s Bell by L’arc-en-Ciel

8. Wana by The Back Horn

Now the only thing that is left for me is to order single with this song, but first have to wait for the next month since I’m a little low with money after  last shopping XD .

Source of the 00 Gundam pic: Random Curiosity


5 Responses to Anime:Second ending theme of the Gundam 00 s2

  1. Gunstray says:

    00 resting on the flower bed,reminds you of Eureka 7 doesnt it.BTW Its already my wallpaper>_<

  2. Paliodor says:

    Hi Gunstray,
    sry but I didn’t watch Eureka 7. Will have to see it.
    If it goes about wallpaper then I still have my old one with Exia in Trans-Am mode but this pic with 00Gundam will be my next one , it’s so lovely ^^
    Btw. I added your blog to my links 😉

  3. Alrisle says:

    not only was lockon pictured with Anew, but with feldt as well,
    as with feldt’s uniform and his together in the ending with all the petals :O

  4. Paliodor says:

    I watched this ed again and well you have right, thx for saying that ^^

  5. This gundam serie is the very best. I cannot overlook my first time watching Gundam Wing then know about japan mobile suit gundam. Hope to own much more wonderful gundam serie in the future

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