MG Infinite Justice -update

We have a new year so it’s about time to make some update about my MG Infinite Justice


Well then gunpla is completed with panel lines but the only thing that is left for me is to apply decals but it will take some time because I ordered those water slice decals that are sold separately to try them if they  are better then those that come with a model. We will see how it will end up…


2 Responses to MG Infinite Justice -update

  1. Chris says:

    Hey, I’m planning on getting this model, but I was wondering.. how did you get rid of the nub marks on your justice? If you used sandpaper, what kind did you use? Also, after sanding down the nub, it leaves a white you have a specific technique of making those disappear? sorry for all the questions X_X

  2. Paliodor says:

    Hello Chris,
    it’s no problem about asking those questions 😉 .
    Well if it goes about completing gunpla and getting rid of the nub marks then I use techniques from those 2 tutorials:

    You just need to find there topic about removing nub marks, but personally I think that the best is method from the first link.
    I hope that I help you somehow this problem.

    I salute

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