,,Work in progress” post canceled… >_<

Hi all,

like the topic of this post says I will not post ,,work in progress” of my MG IJ that I’m working on.  Currently I don’t have my camera and will have it back in next week so can’t make photos of my progress on this gunpla. Besides I have to finish it till next week because I’m will not have much time due to my work and also  I will decorate my room (have to paint ceiling, new wallpaper, furniture, lamps etc. ) so no time for gunpla…


2 Responses to ,,Work in progress” post canceled… >_<

  1. gordon says:

    my MG IJ haven’t arrive yet. it’s taking forever to come. ordered from someone. 😦

  2. paliodor says:

    Well, if it goes about my MG IJ it’s almost finished, the only thing that is left are decals. But I decided to use those waterslide decals that are sold separately, maybe they will be looking better then those that are allready in the box.

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