First Gunpla review coming soon!

Hi all,
from this month I will post reviews of my gundam kits which I have acquire.
I always liked reading reviews and watching photos of gundam kits made by other people and since I run this little blog so I decided that I could also try to make post about that. I’m new in this kind of blog work so I would like to excuse you all if my ,,Introduction” , ,, Work in progress” and ,,Completed model” post will have some errors and if photos will not look so good like for example on Fudoushin or Dalong sites. With time and new models I will probably improve my photography skill and the quality of pics will be better.
I salute


3 Responses to First Gunpla review coming soon!

  1. gordon says:

    i still have a few backlog with me. so hard to find time to do them nowadays. 😦

    good luck with your blogging. ^^;

  2. paliodor says:

    Hi Gordon,
    lately I don’t have much time for gunpla and blogging but try to post some stuff in the weekends. Still have to work on my MG IJ and today I got package with 1/100 Dynames but probably it will be finished in the next month due to lack of time.
    I salute ^^

  3. otaku says:

    alo there… hoping…ncie blog u have there……nice to meet you here

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