Gundam 00 second season

Gundam 00 second season have started, since now we can watch first 2 episodes. Because I’m not so good if it goes about anime reviews I recommend visiting Random curiosity blog for them:

Episode 1: The Angels Second Advent review
Episode 2: Twin Drive review

Here are some pic from second season episodes:

Welcome back Gundam Meisters

Damaged Exia

Setsuna is back, now he need only his new Gundam…

GN-0000 00 Gundam

Lockon twin brother

Allelujah is also back

Tieria new mobile suit is doing laser spam like always

And if you are looking for more  pic from both episodes I recommend visiting Gordanator blog ep 1 , ep 2 and Random curiosity  blog  ep 1, ep 2

Damn second season is running and I have to end watching first one, only 18 episodes left, great, just great… 😀


4 Responses to Gundam 00 second season

  1. gordon says:

    thanks for the mention. cheers. ^^;

  2. paliodor says:

    No problem, your Gundam 00 episode overviews are very funny 😀

  3. lobotman says:

    The scene of the damaged Exia is quite funny. Where did he go to find a cape to feed a Gundam?

  4. paliodor says:

    I have not watched this episode yet so I really don’t know where did he find this cape XD .

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