MG Sinanju- pics of the completed model kit

SRW Hotnews have new pics of the upcoming MG Sinanju. It’s looking great but from what I see we will have to paint all those yellow ornaments ( it should look like that ) but this is the only minus that I spoted on this gunpla. Probably final version of this gunpla will be looking much better so there is no need to worry about it  current appearance .

And here are those pics of this beautiful gunpla:

So now we will have MG Unicorn and in December will be released MG Sinanju, it would be great if Bandai would made MG or at least 1/100 versions  of other mobile suits from Unicorn novel like Geara-Zulu, Rezel or Delta Plus.  I and many other gunpla fans would be very happy ^^ .

Update: RaibowTen is accepting pre-orders for MG Sinanju. Pre-order price 5600yen.


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