Gundam 00 second season coming soon!

Probably all gundam fans are waiting for October since then will begin second season of Gundam 00. In the meantime I decided to search for the story preview,  trailers and images concerning upcoming  2nd season and decided to post it here so everybody who don’t have the time to seach for those things can have them in one place. I know that it’s not all but I think that the most important things are posted below.

Story preview:

The year is A.D.2312. Mankind, having established the Earth Federation Government, inaugurates the independent security preservation unit “Arrows,” and began to move the Earth Sphere to unification through armed intervention. What is hidden behind the scenes of this plan? Celestial Being rises up against this newly born distortion…


The Rest of trailers of upcoming season you can watch here: YouTube Throne Eins

Characters of Gundam 00 second season :

Some chara infos:

Setsuna F. Seiei: 21-years-old. A fated child soldier from the Middle East’s Republic of Krugis. Saved by the 0 Gundam during that time and became a Gundam Meister with Celestial Being. 4 years after the battle with allied forces, what does he think of as he looks at the world newly unified by the Earth Sphere Federation…?

Lockon Stratos: 29-years-old. A member of Celestial Being and pilot of the marksman-type Keldim Gundam. Heads into battle with Haro.

Allelujah Haptism: 24-years-old. From the HRL’s Superhuman Institute and pilot of the retired Gundam Kyrios. Went missing after the fierce battle with allied forces 4 years ago. He seems to have had a past with super soldier Soma Peries from the same Superhuman Institute…

Tieria Erde : Age unknown. Injured in the decisive final battle with allied forces 4 years ago, he was rescued by Celestial Being and did his best in their reconstruction. While he once followed Veda’s judgment absolutely, he now looks for the meaning in combat through his own decisions.

Andrei Smirnov: Son of Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Bear of Russia. Rank is 2nd Lieutenant.

Regene Regette: The last character we saw at the end of the First Season. Wears the same clothing as Ribbons and has the same features as Tieria.

Claus Grad: One of the leaders of the anti-govermnent force “Kataron”. He has a strong will to oppose the distorted control by Arrows.

Shirin Bakhtiar: She parted ways with Marina and jumped out into the world from Azadistan. She wears a more active attire which differs from when she was in the royal palace.

Ribbons Almack: After five years having gone by, there is no change felt in his form. What does the meaning of the word Innovator have?

Sergei Smirnov: Not having participated in Arrows, he became a member of the Earth Allied Forces after the unification of the three superpowers.

Soma Pieres: Having grown over the passing months and years, she shows more characteristics of a person, more so a woman with a soft expression.

Wang Liu Ming: Wang changed from a beautiful girl into a beautiful woman. Her once inappropriate smile and eyes seem to show cleverness now.

Masked Man: A mysterious man who consciously wears a solemn mask and battle surcoat. What is his true character?

Louise Halevy: She devoted herself to the uniform of Arrows. Having lost her arm, she cut her hair short. What became of her former charming self cannot be told. (Notation: The text says arm, not hand.)

Sumeragi Li Noriega: She wears the same clothes as usual. Rather than growing and maturing, what features can be seen?

Mobile suits data:

GN-0000 00 Gundam
Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei
“Gundam Exia’s successor unit. Its greatest feature is its 2 GN Drives equipped on the shoulders. This allows it to boast particle emission volumes surpassing all other units.”

Keldim Gundam
Pilot: Lockon Stratos
“Gundam Dynames’ successor unit. It also supports sniper combat to reflect the characteristics of its pilot.”

Arios Gundam
Pilot: Allelujah Haptism
“Gundam Kyrios’ successor unit. Similar to the Kyrios, it has the ability to transform. It can be said that it’s suited for high-speed movement.”

Selavii Gundam
Pilot: Tieria Erde
“Gundam Virtue’s successor unit. A heavy armament model similar to the Virtue. Equipped with GN cannons on both shoulders that boast greater firepower than the Virtue.

Pics of the mecha you can see on official Gundam 00 site

Informations from Gunota and Gundam|News


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  1. nabilahsetsuna says:

    i like the most NUMBER 1 fan for the gundam 00.
    even this is the first gundam i watch.i just dislike all the ‘ugly’ gundam

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