MG Sinanju Ver. Ka !!!

The best news of the day, below is scan of upcoming MG Sinanju ver. Ka . If this is true then I know what present for Christmas I will buy for myself this year because release of this MG is scheduled for December 2008.

At last my MG Unicorn ver.Ka will not be alone in my glass shelf ^^ .

Scan from Gundam Ace Magazine, source of the news :Danny Choo


2 Responses to MG Sinanju Ver. Ka !!!

  1. lobotman says:

    Nice blog you have here! Sinanju should be worth getting but not too sure if the price tag is going to be affordable for me. Anyway, do you mind if I exchange links with you by adding you to my blog roll?

  2. paliodor says:

    Thank you, nice to hear that you like my blog, the price for MG Sinanju can be quite high maybe between 5000- 6000 yen, well we will see.You can add my blog to your blog roll, it’s a pleasure for me. I add your blog too 🙂 .

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