MG Infinite Justice annoucement

Finally after such a long time of my waiting Bandai have annoucement that the next MG gundam will be Infinite Justice. It very good news especially for all Athrun Zala fans (incuding my person ofc ) since any of his mobile suits released by Bandai have not been MG. But now it have changed. MG IJ will be released in October, you can allready place pre-orders in shops like HLJ , Rainbow Ten and Hobby Search .
And below you can see lineart and some photos of this awesome mobile suit:

I have allready place order on Rainbow Ten since they have always the lowest price. Now the only thing that is left for me is waiting for it release and postman with my gunpla ^^.

And what next MG gunpla could be,hmm  if Bandai will continue with releasing MG models from C.E. then maybe next one could be Legend or Saviour Gundam. Well it would be nice if it could be true because both of them are on my fav. mecha design list and finally almost all main gundams from Gundam Seed Destiny would be in MG, who knows maybe it will happen… 😉


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