Persona 4 for PS2 announcement

In newest Famitsu is announcement that there will be new Persona game for PlayStation2.

Here are few infos about it:
– July 10th release
– 85% Complete
– Looks like Persona 3 but better
– 180+ Personas- Hashino is directing, Soejima is art director and character designer, Meguro is composing
– Takes place in the countryside, a more nostalgic environment
– The theme is murder mystery/suspense, it’s a mystery thriller with twists and turns
– Multiple endings
– 1.5x the size of P3
– 60-70 hours
– There is a weather forecast system, and whenever there is a fog, a murder occurs

Bellow is link to the trailer:

Persona 4

And few scans from Famitsu:

Persona 4 Famitsu scanPersona 4 Famitsu scanPersona 4 Famitsu scan

It’s really good news for all fans of Atlus productions especially that it will be released for PS2 and not for PS3. Since it will be running on the same graphic engine like P3 so we can be sure that graphic in P4 will be very good.
Now I can only wait for European date of premiere, I only hope that I will not have to wait very long 😉


One Response to Persona 4 for PS2 announcement

  1. ringo says:

    I personally like Wii better than Playstation but I really like Playstation game Oneechanbara. That cowgirl can really kickass

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